May 24th, 2010


Ask Perfectionist in Rehab: What to Pack for a Day at the Beach…

Ahhh… Memorial Day Weekend is coming – which means one thing: I can’t wait to be on the beach.So..  What to pack?! First, you need a great bag. My favorite ones are either straw/raffia, or clear (wipes clean, and makes seeing what’s in your bag so much easier.) If money View FUll Post

May 24th, 2010


Rant: Why I’m So Over Urban Outfitters

Customer Service is everything.  I’m a sucker for good service and become very loyal to brands/stores that provide it. Urban Outfitters has always been one of my favorite “secret” places to shop. I always manage to find cute, “one of a kind” pieces at good prices and I love their View FUll Post

May 19th, 2010


Give and Get… Help NYC’s Public Schools… Get a Fabulous One-of-a-Kind T-Shirt!

This is my first post about something that’s actually for a good cause (as opposed to the usual superficial shallow stuff that I love to blabber on about…)  But fear not, it’s still got a fashion/shopping element to it. Playworkgroup (an innovative agency that’s a hybrid branding firm/design lab/advertising firm/venture capitalist group) View FUll Post

May 18th, 2010


Fabulous Lace Frocks… (Alternatives to that Famous Ann Taylor Dress that sold for $400!)

Remember this dress from Ann Taylor?  It was originally $198, sold out in a matter of days and now it’s on Ebay for over $400! Okay, it’s pretty and all… (and kudos to Ann Taylor for finally!  launching some great clothing this Spring…) but $400 for an Ann Taylor Dress?  View FUll Post

May 12th, 2010


Polo-Phobia and Cute Summer Clothes from Vineyard Vines.

My boyfriend is very preppy. He’s been known at times to sport multiple polo shirts (collars popped,) at a time. I’m addicted to J.Crew and my taste runs somewhat preppy, but for several reasons, I despise how I look in polo shirts.* The summer is coming up and we’ll be View FUll Post