March 17th, 2011


Tory, Tory, Tory!

I love going to fun stuff in the city but lately it has felt like I’m in a bit of a rut.  Part of my “makeover” described earlier today involves getting out more, and amping up my intake of culture.  So, when a good friend told me about the FIAF’s View FUll Post

March 16th, 2011

Operation Beach Bod

Today’s post differs a bit from my usual subject material, but is something I thought I would share regardless. I’ve decided to embark upon a little bit of a personal makeover.  It started with the new jeans.  And now, (gasp,) I’ve been working out.  I’m hell-bent on getting buff for View FUll Post

March 16th, 2011


Tuesday Crafts: DIY Philip Lim Inspired Tassel Necklace

Tribal necklaces are everywhere.  I love this trend – such a great way to accessorize a white button down shirt or a classic shift dress.  I saw this necklace on net-a-porter and liked it.  It’s Philip Lim.  It’s $275.  I thought… Time to get crafty! I wasn’t such a fan View FUll Post

March 15th, 2011


Magic Markers

One of the benefits of working for a beauty company is that people are constantly leaving samples by the water cooler.  Recently, a pile of NYC Color’s “Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lipstain” appeared.  I snapped up five of them in a variety of pinks and reds and was instantly smitten. First View FUll Post

March 15th, 2011


On Passion Projects and Real Jobs…

Well my friends, it seems that I’ve got some pretty big news to share with you all.  I am still a little bit in shock to be honest, but I’ll cut to the chase.  I got a new job. Effective April 11th, you’re looking at the new Director of Social View FUll Post